Trivia Night

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This event is running from 27 February 2018 until 5 February 2019. It is next occurring on June 19, 2018 8:00 pm

  • Venue: The Flying Canoe
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Show Your Smarts, Win at Trivia!

Trivial Matters will be paused until April 10th, though Guess That Groove will still be happening on Wednesdays with a guest host.

Every time a team comes to the Flying Canoe on a Tuesday or Wednesday between now and April 10th, they can enter a ballot for the appropriate night’s draw.

On Tuesday April 10th, we will be drawing for $600 and on Wednesday April 11th we are drawing for $400. You must be present for the draw to win.

Compete in 6 rounds of Trivial Matters . Each round is self contained, it ends completely, a prize is awarded and then we start up a new round. The winning team each round gets a $10 gift card to the Flying Canoe.

Hosted by Craig & Katrina, Drop The Needle Entertainment
[email protected] / 250-218-1071


Bios: Craig & Katrina
DTNE was born out of a need to make parties and bar games better. Craig McNeil and Katrina Cain and our team are passionate and knowledgeable about music. Craig had been a DJ for 20 years and Katrina was at a crossroads in her career; after almost 2 decades in the public eye, many of which were spent planning major events for large companies in Vancouver, she was ready for a change. And then, we had an epiphany: we can do BETTER than what is out there right now. We can make Music Trivia BETTER, we can DJ weddings and parties BETTER and we can create amazing event experiences for people.

With with more than 20 years of musical experience; there is a reason they call Craig McNeil Dj Untouchable. He has dedicated his life to the art of making and playing music. Craig has found a permanent place as Co-owner of Drop The Needle Entertainment; alongside partner Katrina Cain. His goal from the beginning was to create an unique party that both he and the guests would enjoy attending. Craig deals in memory making which is his motivation to play parties that people will never forget.

Katrina Cain was born and raised on music. It was a much a part of her upbringing as hide and seek and building forts. It was when she met Craig McNeil that she was able to marry her love of music, with her corporate event planning experience and Tourism Marketing Diploma from BCIT to create a DJ who can read a crowd and liaise with guests to create a fun party for everyone. You can call her Kat or by her DJ name, DJ Kat Scratch.